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My Civil War Ancestors
Patriots of the South
"Fellow citizens, we cannot escape history."
"Abandon your animosities and make your sons Americans"
Robert E. Lee
by Julia Ward Howe
A gallant foeman in the fight,
 A brother when the fight was o'er,
The hand that led the host with might
 The blessed torch of learning bore.
No shriek of shells nor roll of drums,
 No challenge fierce, resounding far,
When reconciling Wisdom comes
 To heal the cruel wounds of war.
Thought may the minds of men divide,
 Love makes the heart of nations one,
And so, the soldier grave beside,
 We honor thee, Virginia's son.
Bausell, J.W.
b.Abt 1846 VA. d.23 Aug 1934, Lebanon, VA
Company H, 21st VA Regiment, C.S.A.
Bausell, Joseph
37th Regiment  VA Infantry, Company C.
Source: Vol.4, p190-reel 2, C.S.A.
Crum, Daniel Gettus, Private Company E, 7th FL Inf. Reg. died in CSA Hospital in Columbus, GA on June 20, 1862.
Crum, David Lovett b. 1834 C.S.A.
Crum,Robert Brazell
b. Jun 19 1818 Camden Co. GA
d. Nov 12 1893
4th Sgt. Georgia Infantry (Wayne Rangers)C.S.A.
Curry, Duncan, Major
Company A, 50th Regiment, Ga Infantry, Satilla Rangers, C.S.A.
Curry, James Duncan, b. 1823 Private Company G 8th FL Infantry Rgt. C.S.A.
Curry, John b.1820, Private Company "I" 8th FL Infantry Rgt.C.S.A.
Curry, William A. b. 1814 Private, Company K, 7th FL Infantry Rgt.C.S.A.
Curry, William D.-b. 1842, Private enlisted  March 4, 1862. Killed at Spotsylvania, Va. May 14, 1864. (Born in 1842.) Georgia: Coffee County: MUSTER ROLL OF COMPANY C, 50th REGIMENT COFFEE COUNTY GUARDS ,C.S.A.
Dixon, J. S.-
Company H, 38th Regiment GA Volunteer Infantry (also known as Old Co. B) Private February 27, 1862. Captured at Harper's Ferry, Va. July 8, 1864. Paroled at Elmira, N. Y. and transferred for exchange March 10, 1865.  (m. to Sarah CURRY)C.S.A.
Dixon, John Samuel, b, 1836, Sergeant Company A, 9th FL Inf. Reg. C.S.A.
Fields, John A. (my great grandfather)
b. 1839 Russell Co. VA. d.1920/30 Wash. Co. VA.
72 Russell Virginia Militia, C.S.A.
Fields, Richard T. (my great great grandfather)
b.1808 Russell Co. VA. d. 1 Sep 1888 Russell Co. VA. Company A, 16th Virginia Cavalry, C.S.A.
Harmon, Henry  (my great great grandfather)
b. 1817 Giles, VA. d. Abt 1871 Lebanon, VA
Private Company A, 16th Virginia Regiment
Knight, J.H.
Company F, 35th Georgia Regiment, C.S.A.
Knight, J.N.
Company F. 35th Georgia Regiment, C.S.A.
Knight, James R.
d. 19 Dec 1863 Louisville, Ky.
Company C - 1st Floida Cavalry, C.S.A.
Captured Missionary Ridge 25 Nov 1863. Sent 7 Dec 1863 to Louisville, KY for exchange but died in prison hospital
Knight, Jesse
Company F, 35th Georgia Regiment,C.S.A.
Knight, John T.
Company F, 35th Georgi Regiment,C.S.A.
Knight, John Washington b, 1847
d. In C.S.A.
Knight, Jonathan L.
b. 1846
d. In C.S.A.
Knight, Robert
Company F, 35th Georgia Regiment, C.S.A.
Knight T.B. Company F, 35th Georgia Regiment, C.S.A.
KnightThomas J.
Company F, 35th Georgia Regiment, C.S.A.
Knight, William H. b. 1842
Company C, 1st Floida Cavalry
Killed Missionary Ridge, Tenn. C.S.A.
Knight, W.J.
Company F, 35th Georgia Regiment, C.S.A.
Lamb, Will, Private Company B, 10th FL Inf.Reg. C.S.A.
Makemson, William  (Makenson) Private b. 1803 SC 24th Infantry Regiment 1, Glade Guards Volunteer Rifles, Captured at Cold Harbor, VA June 1, 1864. Released at Elmira, NY July 7, 1865, C.S.A.
Merritt, Matthew Pridgeon  b. Dec 1835 (m. to Nancy Curry)
Huzzard's Co. Pvt. Co. B, 4th GA. Cav. C.S.A.
Mickler, Daniel , Private
Company D, 10th Florida Regiment, C.S.A.
Mickler Daniel J. , Private/Sergeant
Co. B. 3 Florida Infantry
Mickler, John H.  Private
Company D, 10th Florida Regiment, C.S.A.
Mickler, Peter T. Company A, 8th Regiment, Florida Infantry,C.S.A.
Company D, 10th Florida Regiment
Served May 8, 1862 (?) - May 17, 1865
Surrendered at Tallahassee, Fl. May 17, 1865 C.S.A.
Mickler Robert , Private
Company D, 10th Florida Regiment, C.S.A.
Mickler, Samuel C.
Company D, 10th Florida Infantry, C.S.A.
Served September 17, 1861 - February 1865
Mickler, Capt  Thomas M.
Company D, 10th Florida  Infantry, C.S.A.
Battle of Olustee
Mickler, William , 2nd Lieutenant
Co. D, 8th Florida Infantry, C.S.A.
Tucker Willoughby
Company D, Florida 10th Infantry, C.S.A.
Voyles, Albert G. b. 1847 d. July 3, 1963 at Gettysburg, VA. C.S.A.
Voyles, Perry V.  (my great great grandfather). My entry into the United Daughters Of The Confederacy.
b.2 Jun 1823 Jackson Co. GA d.4 Dec 1917 Live Oak, FL, C.S.A.
Private, Company A, 2nd Regiment, Georgia Volunteer Infantry, Army Of Tennessee, C.S.A.
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