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Descendants of John KNIGHT
of Virginia
David Marion KNIGHT family - Circa 1890
Leila, Rosa (our grandmother) , Mitty Lene CRUM Knight ( holding Elsie),David holding twins Ethel and Wesley. Harmon is at far right.
David Marion KNIGHT Family
Circa 1900
Front row:  1st Cousin Flossie Tucker, David Harmon, Ruby, Mity Lene CRUM Knight (Greta O'Field Rassel's great-grandmother).Back row: Elsie Lee, Ethel Omah, Rosa Ola (Greta O'Field Rassel's grandmother),Annie Leila, Lemuel, Wesley.
Rosa Ola (our grandmother), Mittylene (holding Elsie Lee) David Marion
(holding twins Wesley & Ethel Omah, David Harmon
David Marion KNIGHT Homestead  Mascotte, Fl.
Late 1800's
Margie Ann STRICKLAND Crum
1833 - 1910 Mother of Mitty Lene CRUM
Harmon CRUM 1802-1871. Father of Mitty Lene CRUM Knight.  Photo taken 1850
Rhoda Jarrott CRUM Tompkins b. 1831
daughter of Harmon CRUM and  Rhoda Jerrott BURNETT;  
sister of Mitty Lene CRUM
Photo taken 1867
Mitty Lene CRUM Knight
Photo Circa 1902
Mitty Lene CRUM Knight
Photo Circa 1919
Mitty Lene CRUM Knight
Photo 1930