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My great grandmother, Martha "Mattie" BAUSELL, was full-blooded BLACKFOOT Indian. We now have DNA proof of this.
Martha was born about 1854, probably in the Southwestern area of Virginia. The first documentation of Martha is the 1860 Lebanon, Virginia Census. She is listed as the 6-year-old daughter of Joseph BAUSELL and his wife Elizabeth B. WYATT Bausell. From documents and other information handed down to me, through members of the family, Martha was probably not their daughter but may have been taken in and raised by them. This is still being researched.
We HAVE been able to prove that Martha BAUSELL had at least two children, Monnie and Mary. This is documented through the Virginia Census. Much of the information on the different Internet web pages is not correct and not documented; therefore I will not include that information on my web page or in my database.
At age 37, Martha BAUSELL married Geo. E.M. DYE on 6 Feb 1892 in Russell County, VA.  Geo. E.M. Dye was 22 years at the time. His parents were Winton and Nancy DYE. I have a certified copy of the Certificate Of Marriage. Martha was shown as being single. She continued to use the surname BAUSELL and not DYE. There is no evidence that Geo. E.M. DYE was the father of Martha's daughter,Monnie,  who was six years of age at the time of the marriage. Neither is there evidence that Geo. was the father of Mary BAUSELL.
I am dedicating this page to Martha "Mattie" BAUSELL and will continue to research her background.
In the meantime other BLACKFOOT Indian information will be included on his page!
If anyone viewing this site has any information on the matter, I would love to hear from you.
-G. Rassel.
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