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    Hi there, I was hoping you would drop by. Please come on the porch, kick off your shoes, maybe grab a cool glass of iced tea. Sit a spell and let me tell you some of my experiences of  growing up in "My Florida."
    You know, talking with you here on the porch makes me remember times I've spent on Florida porches. We Southerners love our porches, whether they're at the front or at the back of the house. It is with great pride that I share my Florida Southern heritage and traditions with you - as we rock.
     As for me, I was born in Miami, Florida,  about the time of the Great Depression. I think of it as a time of "Coming Together" , rather than the Great Depression! We joined our neighbors, relatives and friends and pooled our resources of food and other needs. My uncle Horace CURRY stood in the bread lines and brought home what he could for all to share. We kids picked guavas for the meals we all shared.  But, you probably lived during that time - or your family told you about it, so I won't belabor that topic.
   I am a member of a Miami pioneer family - a Southern girl - to the core.  Grits, Collard Greens., Corn Bread, Buttermilk - don't think I could live without these great things. I graduated from St. Mary's High School and the University Of Miami and made my living in manufacturing and business management.
     Miami was a great town to grow up in. It was a departure from the Walton Mountain genre of American life: pineapples rather than corn, sailboats instead of prairie schooners. Walking along  Flagler Street I would always meet people I knew, on both sides of the street. Most of my life was spent in Miami and I  have only fond memories of that area.  And - to this professed "Cracker", there still is no where else on earth quite like Florida. - to me.    Don't let folks tell you that Floridians aren't Southerners - that depends on how long they've been here.
    I guess my greatest pride is being an "EIGHTH GENERATION FLORIDIAN", my ancestors having settled in Florida in the early 1800's when the state was still under the rule of Spain. Twelve of my ancestors are registered FLORIDA PIONEERS by The Florida State Genealogical Society, which means that they settled in Florida before 3 March 1845.
    I am a member of the Daughter's Of The American Revolution.  Some of my other ancestors are Dr. John Woodson who came to America in 1634,  Dolley Madison (wife of President Madison) and please, don't tell anyone else, Jesse James (the notorious outlaw).
    I am also a member of the University of Miami Alumni Association and a loyal Miami Hurricane football fan.  I root, also, for the Florida Gators and Florida State Seminoles - when they're not playing the Miami Hurricanes.
    You asked me about the things I am interested in.  Well, JESUS CHRIST is most important in my life. After my love for JESUS - my companion and friend , ANIMALS ARE MY NEXT GREATEST LOVE,   COOKING IS MY JOY, WRITING IS MY PASSION, GARDENING IS MY SOUL!  I am affiliated with the University Of Florida as a certified Florida Master Gardener. I also assist the University Of Florida,  researching early Florida history. I'm most often seen in my garden wearing blue jeans and a "Miami Hurricane" shirt.  Kelly, my golden retriever will also be there, carrying a spade in her mouth.  My favorite time of year? Why, Spring and Summer. These are the seasons of miracles!  If you jump to my "Gardening Page" I'll tell you about my Registered Wildlife Habitat." and how you can register for one.
   And on my "Animal Page" you'll meet the truly remarkable dog, "Kelly",  and other animals in my life. As for writing, stories about gardening and Florida folklore are my specialty.
    I have truly enjoyed this visit with you and hope you'll come back, soon.  Hey, don't forget your shoes!
   Y'all come back now, ya heaah." - Greta Rassel
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