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In The Zone

The Last Album For Bretiny Spears

Cool One

Soon My Complete Whole Story With Pictures Albums About My Trip To Malaysia In The Summer Holiday Of 2003


My Dear Friends :
Be sure that I love you so much and I am always thinking about you


Welcome To
King Of Love

Personal Website

Ahmed Hamdy Saleh Sayed

I Want To Say That The Aim Of Building This Website Is To Have New Friends Not More .


Thank You For Visiting My Site I Hope You Find In It What You Are looking For, I am Waiting For Your Suggestions And I Promise That I will Add Your Suggestion By A Special Thanks To You. Enjoy Your Time And If You Are Looking For A Good Friendship Please Enter ABOUT ME Page, I Would like To Know Your Opinion About My Site, Thank You Again And Have A Nice Day,

Will You Be There?

Hold Me
Like The River Jordan
And I will Then Say To Thee
You Are My Friend

Carry Me
Like You Are My Brother
Love Me Like A Mother
Will You Be There?

Will You Be There?


Latest In Music...

The main Website  for Westlife
I respect them so much and I love their songs.
They Have A Nice Voice This Photo Is their Last Album Poster It's Called " Turnaround " Go & Download It Now From

When I Discovered That...

Even though you're near me I need you far away to be an ocean to build another way I'll be broken and I know it but I just can't seem to find another way, Though you want to though you try to You can't stop the rain for the first time It's not you who can heal me and I Can live Without you here. I'm walking away to find a better day...
Can We Change All That!?

    So much to say!! The streets are noisy. The prices are high and shop assistants are grumpy and unwilling to help. The air is polluted and garbage is everywhere. There are trees that look lifeless. Drivers don't pay attention to any of the traffic rules and looking fed up. Streets are crowded. Do you like all that? I don't think so and me too. Can we change all that? Changing all that is very difficult but not impossible. Everyone should start by helping himself. Parents can start by teaching there own children at home. People should help each other and be giving and forgiving. By putting our hands together, may be one day we will be able to change all that.

Ahmed Hamdy Saleh Sayed



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