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    We RASSELS love to cook - and eat! It's part of our culture. I grew up in a household where grits,fish,okra, collard green's, pickled beets - and fried green tomatoes were almost always a part of the meal.
     I am indeed the heir to many old and wonderful
Southern family recipes and have been exposed to some spectacular dishes that for the most part I have taken for granted.
    After many years of chatting with my almost 95-year-old grandmother Rosa Ola KNIGHT Curry, who has long since passed on, I was able to jot down many family stories and recipes before time had erased them.
    So, you see, this page is the reflection of our southern home which reveals not only good food but the origins, early struggles, and life-styles of the CRUM, CURRY, FIELDS, KNIGHT, MICKLER, TUCKER, VOYLES, WOODSON, ZORN and RASSEL families.
- Greta
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Freida Rassel CURRY
Rosa Olah KNIGHT Curry
Mitty Lene CRUM Knight
Barbara RASSEL
Greta O'FIELD Rassel
Sophia SHURMATZ Rassel
Diana HERNANDEZ Rassel
Virginia O'FIELD French
        A work in progress
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